Casino VR Poker Review

A Unique Experience When Playing Poker

Casino VR provides players a unique experience when they play its multiplayer poker in virtual reality environment through a VR headset. What’s great is that you can experience it for free. Currently, it only supports Oculus Rift and Gear Vr. As mentioned, it offers a platform that lets you make virtual betting. Because you cannot lose genuine cash here, unless you bet for real money, you can wager and opt for “all-in” without having a certain strategy. With nothing to lose, there is nothing that can prevent you from gambling all your virtual money.

Watching Other Players

As a player, you will find yourself sitting around with a bunch of disembodied heads, which represent every player with very limited actions. You will need to look down at your hands, physically, so the cards will appear on your screen. The only person with hands in the room is the dealer.

Voice Chat

To improve your VR experience, Casino VR offers voice chat. By default, it is toggled off. You can turn it on as you swipe your touchpad. When you play, you are dependent on verbal signs to judge the other players whether or not they are just bluffing. Besides playing poker in the CasinoVR, you can walk around in the casino as if you are in the real world. Through the voice chat, you can communicate with different players who are at the table. The casino offers good graphics with a real sense of being in a land-based casino. Even with your mic off, you can still pick up VR characters’ emotions. It can be terrible news for you because other players will know each time you have a good hand.



Still, it provides a real thrill when you try to guess whether or not the other players are bluffing. You need to be real good at hiding your own reactions. The VR system is not articulate enough to offer you poker face yet. It is also incapable of giving you visible changes in the physical behavior of a player that you can interpret to give you the upper hand. But you can notice those furtive glances when they have to double check their cards in Casino VR Poker.

The Rift version of this platform utilizes inverse kinematics. That is, it gives you and the other players with a body that can slump forward or lean from side to side. However, this feature only works when you are sitting down and using the Oculus Rift headset.

The Casino VR Poker is a cross-platform space. It means that a player who is using a Gear VR can appear the same as Rift players. However, their bodies will be stationary. Whether you are using Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear, you will have a heady feeling after losing a big pot or experiencing a defeat.

Make sure to play at the high roller table that has a maximum 60,00 chip buy-in. This kind of online gambling is indeed the future of the online gaming industry. It is highly sociable and lets you set your own limits. You can have the potential to win even if you have a terrible poker face.

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