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Virtual Reality Casinos?

If it is your first time to play virtual casino, you may wonder whether it is a game or real, casino or just a video game. In ten years, virtual reality will dominate the online casino gaming industry. Most people will experience online casinos wearing a VR headset from the comfort of their homes.

VR takes online casino concept, but it adds creative game programming and a wearable technology with VR headset to let you explore online gambling in a different way. That means you can walk through luxurious virtual casinos while you wear your VR headsets and finish the game. As you take off the headsets, you will find yourself just sitting at home wearing your PJs.

You may think that it is just a scene from a science fiction movie. However, it is already becoming a reality. In fact, Facebook has invested $3 billion to buy Oculus Rift, which is the maker of VR headsets. The company is working hard to make sure that you will experience what it feels like being teleported from your living room to a casino.

What Do You Need?

To start enjoying a virtual reality casino, you will need to invest in a VR headset. There are several VR headsets currently on the market. The main players are Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive.

The Oculus Rift

It is the company that caused people to become more excited about VR. Palmer Luckey developed it and funded through Kickstarter. Facebook bought it at $3 billion. You can plug it into your computer so it can track your head movements and provide you with 3D images on the stereo screen.oculus-rigt

The consumer edition headset works at 233 million pixels a second and uses 2160 x 1200 resolution. It’s refresh rate, which is 90 HZ, matches the refresh rate of HTC Vive. But it lags behind PlayStation VR. The company also released its Touch controllers allowing it to make it to the top of the VR headset list.

In other words, its platform offers a product that excels in giving users the best VR experience it had promised when it was still gathering funds. Regarding the price, it is not for everyone. However, it is still the best VR headset you can get your hands on now.

The HTC Vive

The company collaborated with Valve to create HTC Vive headset. It is packed with 70 sensors so it can offer a 360-degree tracking. Its refresh rate is 90 HZ, which is the same as the Oculus Rift. There is plenty to explore in this headset. One of the interesting things about it is its Lighthouse room tracking feature. It lets you move around easily even with your headset on.


Currently, the headset is available at $799. Despite the price, it is still one of the best headsets that offer impressive VR experience.

The Vive’s design, however, is not as comfortable as Oculus Rift, which has a beautiful layout. Then again, it has swappable foam inserts and adjustable straps to make sure that it will fit right and can be worn comfortably. Plus, you can use it with your prescription glasses on through its slotted spaces.


Sony PlayStation VR

It is not as perfect as Oculus Rift, but it is designed for console gamers. It is still an excellent PS4 accessory. Compared with those three VR headsets mentioned above, this one is the cheapest as it is available at $399.

sony playstation vr headset

Samsung Gear VR

The current version does not look different from its predecessor. However, it is equipped with several upgrades that make purchasing it a totally worth it decision. Before, you will find yourself complaining of its annoying lens fog. But the latest Gear VR has new vents that do not cause fog.

samsung gear vr

The VR experience with this headset will vary depending on the smartphone you use. Still, it comes with a lot of improvements as it widens the viewing angle, from 96 degrees to 101 degrees. Then its color tint is now darker to further reduce glare and reflections.

On, it sells at $99 without shipping fee.


Which Companies Offer VR Casinos?

One of the first businesses that invested in virtual reality casino is SlotsMillion. In this casino, you can choose to play a number of 3D slots game and interact with other players. When you play, you will be brought to a casino lobby on the 80th floor of a skyscraper. Do not lean against the windows, though, as you will experience real vertigo when looking down.

In addition to Oculus Rift, you may also use a keyboard or a controller to play SlotsMillion casino games. The software can run on Windows 7 and 8 platforms. The company’s goal is to develop a VR online casino that can work seamlessly on any device.

Casino VR is another VR reality casino that you can go. It offers several casino games for VR. The developer provides immersive and intuitive user interface to make sure you will have real enjoyment while playing the game.


The Benefits Of VR Casinos?

There are plenty of benefits in playing VR casinos. One of them is the fact that they give you pure presence and immersion. Apart from that, they let you interact with other players so you can enjoy casino games like you are in real life casino game room but, in reality, you are just in the comfort of your home.

While they have benefits, they also come with some negatives. If you are an online gambler, you are likely to spend more because betting makes it a lot easier. Now, if you are not careful, your hobby can lead you to file for bankruptcy. Furthermore, if you only spend your time every day playing VR casino, then you will miss doing productive things.


Why Consider Playing VR Casinos?

The casino gaming industry considers VR as a perfect fit to boost its appeal to a young generation. It makes the games more appealing to both beginners and advanced players. Then, it delivers an amazing experience to any players because of its ability to engage players and give them a feeling of immersion.

Furthermore, virtual reality casinos allow players to have more exciting gameplay that keeps them engaged at a higher level and for a longer period.

Through the Internet, you can easily play casino games right in the comfort of your home. You also do not have to invest as much as you do in a land-based casino. Membership is usually free. However, if you play for real money, you need to register and deposit actual money.

But the online casinos do not have the same casino atmosphere as it has in a land-based casino. And it is the gap that VR casinos want to bridge. The versatility and convenience of being able to play online with the experience of playing live. VR is not only available to the wealthy gamblers. With so many companies want to get on the bandwagon, VR technology has become more affordable allowing almost everyone to take advantage of the thrill and enjoyment that VR casinos can offer.

Start experiencing VR today and find the one that can provide you the most amazing experience.

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